What a boring job leads to..

So like most students who do not live off their parents; as soon as I heartbreakingly finished what was my SECOND year at Loughborough University, I applied for about 95 jobs. From those 95 jobs I received 4 interviews of which I was successful in all luckily, but ended up accepting 2. One of which I would later regret thoroughly for the remainder of my so called summer. 

So here I am in an office, if you can even call it that, stuck sending invoices and picking up phone calls. When I say phone calls I mean the 1 I might receive every 2 hours. This might sound fun, you know not having that much work to do pretty much sounds like I can just doss around right? WRONG. Normally my manager sits RIGHT next to me I’m talking if I stretch my legs I’ll step on his. AND it does not help that he is utterly and profusely BORING. uch. I’ve tried cracking some bants about is kids but no nothing absolutely nothing.

Now he’s on holiday… there was me thinking YAY freedom I can just chill on social networking sites and vibes to some jams but NO. Today I have discovered not 1 but 2.. 2 cctv cameras that quite literally are righhhhhhhht behind me watching my every move and what I do on screen. I MEAN SERIOUSLY! and this morning when I opened up, I get a phone call from said manager “Daniela you just opened the door and a letter fell on the front can you check this” …….. WHAT… HOLD ON… WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT… This dude is abroad on a so called ‘holiday’ and he’s sitting there watching my every move. Mate come on have a heart.. or better a LIFE perhaps.  

So I have given up, there is nothing to do I have invoiced all customers that needed invoicing, even called random customers to ask if there ‘alarm systems’ were okay just so I could have a bit of human interaction. There is nothing else I can do. So if he arrives from his joyous holidays of staring at me through some creepy cams and moans at me for opening tumblr (or watching FRIENDS lol) then so be it what does he expect me to do just sit and stare at the screen whilst my brain suffocates itself from sheer boredom. I think not sir, I am young healthy and hyper. No brain suffocation shall occur here. 

I am NOT I am NOTTTTTT Happy. 

Lols K bye. 

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